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Helium Leak Testing Accessories

Leak Standards: We provide both adjustable and fixed helium leak standards as well as a supply of refurbished leak standards, which are available and ready for shipment. All Helium Leak Testing, Inc. standards include NIST traceable certification.

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Flapper Boxes: We supply flapper boxes for use in high production testing of helium-bombed parts. Flapper boxes assist to speed up production and reduce cost. Helium Leak Testing’s flapper boxes are designed to fit your product and enhance your leak testing procedures.

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Particle Filters: Our efficient helium leak testing filters are an effective way to keep particles and fibers from entering leak detectors, vacuum systems and pumps.

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Additional Helium Leak Testing Accessories

Spray Gun Nozzles: Helium Leak Testing, Inc. spray probes are ideal for use in maintenance or production leak detection applications requiring external helium spraying. Our selection of rugged, leak-tight, spray probes are designed for immediate use and ready to handle your applications.

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Bomb Chambers: Helium Leak Testing, Inc. designs and manufactures a standard leak test bombing chamber for the leak testing of sealed objects that cannot be connected directly to a leak detector. Our standard leak test bombing chambers feature stainless steel construction and clamped lid design.

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Helium Leak Testing Supplies

Vacuum Pump Oils: In addition to Helium Leak Testing’s many services, we also supply many different types of Mechanical Pump oils. HLT-19, HLT-20, Fomblin Oil, and Single Stage oils are just a few that we offer.

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Vacuum Greases: Helium Leak Testing, Inc. stocks numerous types of vacuum grease for the convenience of customers.

Helium Leak Detector Filaments: Helium Leak Testing, Inc. stocks filament assemblies for all manufacturers to reduce down time.

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