Leak Detectors

ASM 340 Adixen’s Helium Leak Detector

The ASM 340 assures accurate vacuum leak detection or sniffing leak detection for a wide range of applications. This top-performance leak detector can be used for qualitative localization of leaks as well as quantitative or local testing.

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ASM 182 Adixen’s Helium Leak Detector

This dry, automatic helium leak detector combines high sensitivity with ease of use. Its top-performance will provide accurate atmospheric sniffer tests and can be used for a wide range of testing, including specific components to complete installations.

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ASM 142 Adixen’s Helium Leak Detector

This compact, multipurpose helium leak detector provides versatility for a wide range of maintenance applications. Its compact size and digital interface provides easy use for small to mid-size vacuum leak testing.

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Oerlikon Phoenix Quadro

This helium leak detector model is compact and user-friendly, operating with high sensitivity and appropriate for a wide range of testing, including uses for quality assurance, analytical testing and applications in the automotive industry.

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Oerlikon Leybold Phoenix Magno

The new generation of leak detectors. Where precision meets speed, with your convenience in mind. Often the success of any business depends on quality, and having the right tools and equipment is critical to ensuring top performance and output across R&D departments, as well as in fast-paced production and manufacturing facilities. We also see applications becoming more specialized, processes being more demanding, yet time for analysis and testing becoming less. However, when it comes to vacuum system leak detection you can rely on Leybold and the newest generation of PHOENIX leak detectors, where precision meets speed, with your convenience in mind.

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GasCheck Tesla Helium Leak Detector

GasCheck Tesla is a highly sensitive helium leak detector designed for effective use within high magnetic fields found around the outside of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners. The instrument’s advanced micro thermal conductivity sensor provides rapid, accurate measurement of helium leaks down to ultra-low levels.

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Edwards ELD500

Designed for fast, repeatable and accurate leak detection in a wide range of applications, the ELD500 is fully mobile with an easy to use control interface.

The proven design of the Edwards ELD500 leak detector, combined with low energy consumption, extended warranty and even longer life ion source, ensures exceptional low cost of ownership with no compromise on performance.

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