Helium Leak Testing, Inc. has the tools and experience to ensure component integrity for mission-critical programs. Our safe, precise and proven helium leak testing systems and techniques have become staples in the aerospace industry and its development.


Power Generation

Helium Leak Testing, Inc. has decades of experience in leak testing power generation systems. Our technicians specialize in identifying and locating leakage quickly and efficiently, allowing for fast maintenance and repair.


Medical Industry

Through consulting and service, Helium Leak Testing, Inc. has gained an understanding of medical device manufacturing and the critical fabrication requirements under FDA regulations. This experience makes us the most reliable leak testing company for the medical industry.


Automotive Industry

Helium Leak Testing, Inc. has developed leak testing methods for many facets within the automotive industry including fuel delivery systems, refrigeration systems, safety components and more.

Top Performance Helium Leak Detectors

Helium Leak Testing, Inc. offers state-of-the-art helium leak testing equipment, maintenance and repairs. Our qualified technicians can provide maintenance and repair services on all models of helium leak detectors. No matter your industry, we have the testing supplies you need.

Helium Leak Testing, Inc. is an A2LA Accredited Organization